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Nathan Walters!!


Everything ya ever wanted to know about Nathan...


full name: Nathan Lee Walters
birthday: March 24, 1978
age: 23
birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
hometown: Lakeland, Florida
eyes: hazel
height: 5'11"
weight: 180
father: Larry Walters
siblings: brother Ivan (19); sisters Lauren (10), Kathryn (8), Kiersten (5),
Jacquelyn (3)
high school: Home schooled
home church: Carpenter's Home Church in Lakeland, Florida
hobbies: Water skiing, writing, Internet (always on AOL!), talking on the phone, working out
musical influences: Michael W. Smith, Michael Jackson, Third Eye Blind
musical credits: Worship leader at Carpenters Home Church, singer, songwriter and musician
currently in the cd player: Radiohead, Brandy, Michael Jackson, dc Talk
slob or neat freak? neat freak
who he would still be star-struck around: Michael W. Smith
dream car: BMW or Mercedes
first song (and age written): "I Will Love You Forever" (age 14)


color: sometimes blue, sometimes forest green
food: Italian food and anything chocolate
sport: soccer and baseball
team: Atlanta Braves
tv show: I don't watch much TV
movie: Dumb & Dumber
book: Just Like Jesus, by Max Lucado
board game: Taboo and Scattergories
music: I try to influence myself with every kind of music
artists: Michael W. Smith, Boyz II Men, dc Talk, 112, ZOEgirl, John Elefante, Kyle Matthews, P.O.D.
plus one song: Last Flight Out and Soul Tattoo
bible verse: Book of James, especially chaper 3
cookie: chocolate chip (did I say I love chocolate?)
donut: blueberry glazed
restuarant: The Cooker
fast food: Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King
soda: Squirt
cereal: Fruit Loops
hang out: Malls, 3rd street in Santa Monica
cartoon: Duck Tales

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