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PlusOne~Soul Tattoo
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Name: Elise
Age: 14
Birthdate: May 8, 1987
Birthplace: CA
Siblings: 1 brother (8)


Food: Swedish Pancakes
Color: Perriwinkle
TV show: don't have one
Movie: PlusOne home video
Music: PlusOne, TrueVibe, Racheal Lampa, Stacie Orrico
Stores: Sears, Old Navy
Animal: Elephants!
Sport: Runnin
Fave +1 song: Soul Tattoo, Run To You, I Need A Miracle
Fave +1 quote(s): "Oh my goodness, oh my word, yeah! yeah!" -Nate
"Rock and Roll, where do we go??" -Jason

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