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Jeremy Mhire!!


Everthing ya ever wanted to know about Jeremy...



full name: Jeremy Michael Mhire
birthday: May 3, 1980
age: 20
birthplace: Charlotte, North Carolina
hometown: Springfield, Missouri
eyes: brown
height: 6'1"
weight: 190
parents: Gregg and Janet Mhire
siblings: brother Josh (7) and sister Rachel (17)
high school: Kickapoo High School, Springfield, Missouri
homechurch: Glendale Christian Church
pets: Maltese named Oscar and a fox terrier named Star
hobbies: sports, Playstation, shopping, working out, writing, dating
musical influences: Harry Connick Jr., James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, classical music
musical credits: Sang in school and church choirs all his life; was in the All State Choir
dream duet: dc Talk, or Harry Connick Jr.
currently in the cd player: Nelly Furtado
biggest insecurity: chapped lips
first lunch box: Star Wars
dream car: anything classic
when you were little, what did you want to be when you "grew up"? an artist (painter)
where you'll be in 10 years: Still performing, singing, writing music. Have a wonderful wife and kids.
role model: my mom and dad
pet peeves: when people bite their forks


color: yellow
food: steak - I like Italian food too
sport: football, basketball
team: Kansas Jay hawks - GO KU!!
tv show: I don't have time to watch TV
movie: Goodfellas, Carlitos Way, Casino - I'm intrigued by the Mafia
music: Classical to Alternative & everything in-between
artist: Harry Connick Jr., dcTalk, Take 6, P.O.D., Red Hot Chili Peppers
plus one song: Soul Tattoo
hymn: It Is Well
bible scripture: Proverbs 18:12
board game: Monopoly
magazines: Teen People, Billboard
cookie: Don't eat 'em
donut: Don't like 'em
restuarant: Italian ones
fast food: Good ole Micky Dee's
cereal: I don't really like cereal, but I guess my favorite would be Lucky Charms.
hang out: 3rd Street Promenade - Santa Monica, Anywhere with cool stores and good food, Starbucks
actor: Al Pacino
actress: Ashley Judd and Elizabeth Hurley
store: Diesel, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic
cartoon: Scooby Doo
animal: penguins

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