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Gabe Combs!!


Everything ya want to know about Gabe...


full name: Gabriel Corbett Combs
birthday: December 11, 1979
age: 22 (today!!)
birthplace: Salem, Oregon
hometown: Pittsburg, California
eyes: brown
height: 5'11"
weight: 170
parents: Larry and Anna Combs
siblings: 2 older brothers Josh (24) and Tim (28)
high school: Christian Center School in Pittsburg, California
homechurch: Lighthouse Christian Center in Pittsburg, California
pets: cat named Yang
hobbies: Playing guitar and piano, hanging out, shopping for weird fashions, movies, listening to music, writing
musical influences: Take 6, dcTalk, Harry Connick Jr.
musical credits: Plays piano, guitar and drums, as well as sings
dream duet: Kevin Max or Gwen Stefani
what he wishes his name was: Joe
most humiliating moment on stage: They were doing a concert in a mall, and Gabe was using a mic with a cord. He was waving it around, and it flew out of his hand and hit a girl on the side of the head!
biggest insecurity: pimples
slob or neat-freak? slob
first lunch box: Star Wars
first instrument you learned to play: Drums and recorder
dream car: VW Bug


color: black
food: cheeseburgers, pizza, eggs- over easy with toast
sport: basketball, football, soccer
team: don't really have one
tv show: Who's Line Is It Anyway?
movie: Dumb and Dumber
book: Roaring Lambs, by Bob Briner
board game: Monopoly
music: Love all kinds of music
artists: dcTalk, LaRue, Take 6, Out of Eden, John Reuben, The Beatles, Janet Jackson, No Doubt
plus one song: Soul Tattoo, Last Flight Out, God Is In This Place
bible scripture: Philippians 4:13 and Romans 12
board game: Monopoly
cookie: white chocolate
donut: maple bar
restaurant: The Cooker, The Pancake Pantry
fast food: Taco Bell, McDonalds
cereal: Lucky Charms
soda: Grape or strawberry
hang out: beach, Santa Monica, malls
actor: Jim Carey
actress: Drew Barrymore
cartoon: Bugs Bunny, Duck Tales
animal: dogs
place to do concerts: Texas, or New York City