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PlusOne~Soul Tattoo
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Home Video

Ever seen the PlusOne Home Video?? Love those things (call em what ya like, funnies, bloopers...) where you notice something, that, maybe wasn't supposed to be there?? i've got a lot of those...

...and if you have some that i don't, send them to me!

email me!


Video Funnies...

Where the guys are talking about David Foster, Jason has his arm around a statue in the yard...

@ the beginning of the video where Jason is in the silver shirt, he is standing by Nathan and tucks Nathan's tag inside his shirt for him because it's sticking out. *Aww*

Where Nate is talking about Jeremy hurting his ankle, Gabe is sitting against the wall chewing on his nails.

Okay, close to the beginning when the guys are in the van leaving the air port and Nate opens the door to wave. Look in the windows of the back seat of the van. You can see the others pressing their faces to the window.

When Nathan is talking about Jason's muscles, Nate is in the background pulling up his sagging pants.

"Shackles" by Mary Mary is playing on the tour bus when Greg is talking to the camera.

After the guyz finish singing "Written On My Heart" when they wave good-bye in their tour van, Nathan has his face pressed against the glass.

In the WOMH video it goes from day to night!

When Jason talks about his luggage being lost to Mitchell and Jeremy is in the back zipping up his pants

When Jason is hauling all the luggage out of the airport there is a guy walking out and he sees a camera and walks back in.

When Jason is saying "rock 'n roll where do we go?" when he is climbing up the stairs to the stage Nathan is copying him.

Gabe is like asleep is the back ground when Nathan in sleepily telling everyone that he doesn't know where they are.

Nate is getting hit hair foiled when they are singing for David Foster.

when nathan starts talking about jeremys ankle, they show jeremy and he makes a kissing face at the camera!

in da beginning when nathan says dat jason's shirt ripped coz he had it on wen he was working out... nate's fixing his pants in da background (on da rightside of da screen).

in da WOMH video clip (near da end of da video) near da end of nate's solo, on da word WAY in da line "who knows me the WAY you do".... da guys turn & bend a little... jeremy's underwear sorda sticks out a little...

i think da editing guys made a mistake or something, coz wen da guys dance 2 da cFIRST chorus, GABE's in da middle-front but den dey cut it 2 change view, but den GABE's in da middle-back... which i found sorda weird...

on God Is In This Place video Gabe has black fingernail polish on!

Jeremy does a push-up when the video begins.
When they show Gabe's name and where he is from he points and you see that he is wearing black nail polish.

Nathan puts bunny ears on Gabe.

Jason said," Let's straggle" him instead of Let's stangle him.

Nate was scratching his neck when Jason was talking about Al Gore.

Gabe was falling asleep in the chair when the guys were recording America the Beautiful.

Nathan was riding the suitcase thing at the airport.

When the guys leave from a concert two guys were leaning on the bus window making weird faces.

When Nathan was talking in the razor it was buzzing on and off.

when nate is on the phone and plus one gets in the van to leave, they leave and gabe smashes his face against the window!!!!

When the guys are leaving the airport and Jeremy is explaining how he didn't have his ID to get on the plane, etc. you can notice Jason giving Nathan a piece of gum in the background.

Nate talks with his mouth full!

Right before Jason talks about how his clothes were missing, you can hear him ask the camera person where he was! He forgot!

When all the guys are sitting in David Foster's recording studio and singing Americal the Beautiful, Nate is having his hair foiled!!!

When they are asking Nathan where they are Nate and Gabe are Behind him checking out something on the bus and theyre like bending over staring at something for a LONG time

When the guys are all in the back of Mardel's Bookstore, Jeremy is unwrapping a water bottle

When they are driving away from the airport in that big blue van, two of the guys have their faces pressed up against the middle window

When Jason walks into the dressing room to tell the guys his suitcase wasn't there, Jeremy is zipping up his fly

When Jason is telling the jogging story, Jeremy makes some pretty funny faces

When they are singing Run to You at a concert, Jason forgets to cross his hands during Nate's solo

During the Written on my Heart music video, Jason and Nate switch places on the balcony at the end

At the end of the God is in this Place music video, Gabe shakes the water out of his hair

when Jeremy is pretending to be a robot, somebody says, "put in the sprained ankle part." when Jeremy kicks his leg up, you hear someone, i think Nate laughing, then he snorts, it is really cute.

during the LFO making Jason is sitting in front of the mirror and someone is doing his hair, and Nathan tells the person that Jason needs some makeup.

at the very end of WOMH, when they're on the balcony thing, why does Nate keep switchin sides of Jason? First he's on the left, then the right, then the left again!

In the very beginning when the four guys are waiting for Nathan to get back from the bathroom, Nate says, "Tell Nathan to get over here ---, NOW!" the camera switches views and it is pretty obvious that he said, "Tell Nathan to get his butt over here--- NOW!" they had it edited out!

first of all, when that girl who just broke up with her boyfriend asks for a hug, Nate goes, "You all right? Holding up?" well, watch his mouth. if you do, you'll notice he's smiling but his lips aren't moving! they dubbed in that part!

when they were singing for David Foster, Nate was gettin his hair dyed, he had the tinfoil in his hair
during the first chorus of WOMH music video, watch the bottom edge of Gabe's shirt closely while they're dancing and you'll notice a sudden white flash, undies!

where they have gotten off the plane and jeremy is talking about how he lost his ID well nathan and jason are in the background and nathan gets a piece of gum from jason and you can see them chewing hecka hard.

While the guys are in David Foster's studio, Jeremy has his head through a tennis raquet. Also, Nate his hair in foil while singing America the Beautiful in the studio.

When Jason is trying to find the guy's dressing room, the tag from his underwear is hanging out.

Jason has a pink pillow case.

Jeremy barely has his pants on when the camera and Jason come into the dressing room before a concert.

in the first chorus of WOMH, at the very end, when they sing "MY HEART" the camera is on nathan but jason is i the back and he does some majorly wacked out dance move. it is VERY different.

when they are practicing America the Beautiful, Gabe is not singing.

On the God is in this Place video, Jeremy does not have a shirt on.

In David Foster`s studio when the guys are listening to their recording of "America the Beautiful", you can see Nathan mess up when he is mouthing the words to it.

while they are in the tour bus and the camera focuses on gabe while he is playing playstation and he tells the cameraman or whoever to please get out of the way.

Ok the part where the guys are signing autographs at the fair thing..Nate bends down and you can see his Underwair!

at the end of the god is in this place video, when it
starts to fade out, nathan falls flat on his face.

On the Making of God Is In this Place when they show the guys lined up in front of the water, Nate points to the left of them and and you can hear him screaming, " Do we look in dat camera? Dat camera over there?"

when they are walking down that hall during the jogging story Nate keeps messing with his arm pits!! The whole time!!

the guys are telling the joggin story and Jason and Nate are defending themselves because they were'nt " causing some ruckus." And who could forget, " Our car is on the

Jason is trying to talk Nate into letting him wear his pants to the show and their manager tells him there is nothing wrong with the ones hes wearing.

The part I loved was " Nathan Cam." He went up and started talking to some guy who looked like he was probably wondering " Why the heck is this guy bugging me?"

At the end of the music video "God is in this Place", Nathan falls right when a Huge wave's crest can be seen in the background, but the video goes off before you can see him get wiped out. :)

at the very beginning of the video...when jeremy's talking, (right before his lil raise the roof thingy :) you see him give someone a high-five...look's nate's bro!! (what a cutie!)

when the making of WOMH video nate is about to laugh or he looks like he is .

I have found a glitch in the Plus One Home Video. When Nate is, like saying," Tell Nathan to get over here now!" there is someone else missing! Jeremy!

When Nate tells about his sweating problem, the next time they go to the scene when they are walking down the hall you can hear a woman telling Nate that he could use some Secret.

When they were on stage singing Soul Tattoo and Jeremy comes out on his crutches, you can see Nate in the background putting his hand on his hip

In the making of God is in This Place right before Jason says that it is the first summer that he has not played football since he was seven,if you look in the background there is a man in red shorts doing push ups

in the God is in this Place video, Gabe throws sand at Nathan

When plus ONE is in the recording studio Nate was his hair in foil

@ the begining of da video when Nate says tell Nathan to get here Jeremy has missing.

At the end of NATHAN-CAM, he approches two guys, and a girl with blonde hair. I was curious on who the other guy was, so i put the VCR on SLOW and i saw it was Nate and a girl...who was that girl???? I wanna know!

When Jason is talking about how the cops approached them saying they were causin a ruckus, Nate is streching and itching his back and if u look closely, you can see a bit of his tummy showing! awww! how adorable!

Right before they go out to sing "Run To You" they pray. And whenever they pray the camera man gets a shot at their faces. Whenever he does that look at Gabe because he has
his eyes open.

ok there is a guy when they are playing football that is not one of the guys from plusone and nate is missing

also when they r in the water they jump and gabes shirt flies up

When some person asks Nathan if he was surprised by the amount of people coming to the concert in Lakeland, he says "there were like 20,000!" And then someone says "yeah, and the church only seats 11,000."

After the part when the guy asks Nathan the number of people @ his Home Church he says "About an hour before the concert people were like, coming in!" I thought that was funny because people "come in" to concerts! duh!

The "Car is on the radio" part

Throughout the movie Nate is always making his fingers do the "+1" thing

When Jason is talking about how he misses his friends right before the making of the LFO video, I think Gabe is playing
the Moonlight Sonata in the background

The part where Gabe is doing "rap" and says "that's why we don't do rap!"

In the beginning, when they all come running out and singing my life, there's like, nobody in the crowd! maybe a few people! but there are a ton of people screaming! i wish i was there!

ok, this one was really hard to see. Right before they pause and show a pic of jeremy and his name (on the scene of God is in this place video), on the far left side of the screen, nate is singing with his arms wide open, and nathan is in front of him, and honestly, i don't know what he's doing, but it looks like he's like, tickling nate's armpits or something like that. it's really weird!

ok, when the camera guy is walking into David Foster's studio, you see Nate sitting on the couch with his legs crossed! My friend and I didn't think it was him at first, but later you see that his pants DO have a stripe down the side, and his shoes are striped too!

On the making of WOMH video, jason and i think nathan are messing around with some stuff in the backround, and Nate wants to get in and get something, but Jason's in the way, and every time Nate moves to try to get in, Jason moves too! (but not on purpose!)

When Nathan is talking to the camera into the razor, he's sitting down in the chair and in the chair right next to him is Jason's silver shirt. (omb, i love that shirt!!!)

ok, right after they show the black screen that says making of lfo video, and right after they sing, . . .you belong in my life. . .it pauses for a quick second and Nate(well at least it sounds a lot like him) says "is that high?"

When Jeremy is standing in the doorway with his crutches, they show his foot, and you can see that Gabe is trying to get through, cuz you know it's gabe becuz of his studded pants.

When the guys are walking out to the bus from a hotel, the guy at the door says to Jason, have a good day, and Jason says, thanx you too! it's so cute! :)

Just wondering, how come at the end when Jeremy is talking about himself, you can see the tv in the backround, but everytime they show him, the thing on the tv never changes? it looks like a baseball game, but it looks like it's on pause or something!

in the WOMH video during the first chorus....the guys are supposed to say "You--gave me Your love...". Well look closely at their mouths, especially Gabe's....instead of "Your love" their mouths are saying "You--gave me my shoes". I PROMISE that its time you watch it you'll see what im talking about. Bye

When Nathan is giving a tour of the bus and telling how they miss Jeremy, right before jeremy comes over Jason starts laughing about something really hard!

When Gabe is saying "Us, +1, in the back of the bus..." Nate gives a peace sign and says in a cute high voice "hola!"

At the beginning, right when they get off the airplane, Jason spots a girl and goes over and kisses her and says "how are you?"

In the beginning when the guys are getting in that van: a quick flash shows the guys somewhere else and Jeremy is fanning himself, by pulling his shirt in and out.

ok Jason is ALWAYS chewing gum.......... like always and he always says "ya kno" when he was alking bout gettin used to "screaming fans" and all that he says it about 11 x yea so........

Towards the end, after the left the concert in Fayeville, while Jason was talking and they were all sitting in the back watching tv, they are watching TRL and its on number 3.

when they r making their first video when gabe goes ^ 2 sing nate is in the backround sorta cuing when gabe is gonna come on...and at the very end of God id in this place nathan dives into the water.

right after nathan warms up, and right before Nathan and Gabe are barking at each other, if you turn the volume up on your tv, you can hear Jason singing "I found it" Dana
At the beginning of "Written On my Heart," I can honestly tell you that the cloud in the sky is shaped like a fish!!! HONESTLY!!

when they're making the LFO video, the camra goes into this one place and it gets kicked out (I think they said you can't be in here or something) if you look closly, just for a second, you can see Nate talking to that girl that was in the LFO video with him.

On the WOMH video when Jason is in the round chair, you can see Nate, Gabe, Jeremy, and Nathan in the background.

When Jason is getting on the bus after he says" Is that your car" to the person who's car is swamped while he is saying that, there is a girl spinning around in the right hand corner of the screen.

When they are all in the van singing last flight out accapella Jeremy sticks his tongue out at the camera person.

At the beginning When they show Nathans name and he sticks his foot in the camera Jeremy is in the back doin' a Mexican dance.

On the God is in This Place video when they show some of the guys and the rest are in the background, they are doin' some pretty funny moves.

On the Making of the God is in this Place video Gabe is wiping his nose with his hand. EEWWWWWW!

When the guys sing at the fair, and Nate is signing autographs, he says" I guess the cool thing to do is scream when the camera is on" and his voice cracks! OHHH HE is soooo cute! :-)

When Nathan says, "It's early!" (When he says,"Our car's on the radio") Jason says,"You know it's early when your car's on the radio"

On the God is in This Place video: When Nate sings,"With His amazing grace" Jason lip sinks it too!

In the making of the God is in this Place video: In some scenes Nate and Nathan sing to each other.

In the God is in this Place video: When the guys are lined up (at the end) Nate quickly puts on his sunglasses and wipes his nose.(Right before Jeremy disappears).

In the part where they are all sitting in the studio of the radio station, Gabe is just staring off into space. He looks tired.

At the beginning of the movie, at the end of my life Nate cracks the most adorable smile i have ever seen in my LIFE!
My friend and i did the whole movie practically in slow motion! You have to try. You'll catch things you've never seen before. It's histerical! Oh, yeah when they're at David Foster's place Jason is in the backround hugging a statue. But before he hugs it he looks at it as if saying "ooh la la." Did you ever notice that Jason huggs everything?

On the bus when someone asks Gabe if he's psycho, you here some one say "pass it" or sumtin like dat den someone changes the radio station and if you listen closely you hear "Lady Marmalade" playing it's kinda hard to hear you hab to listen really closely to hear it, itz only 4 like 3 seconds.

At one point, right before Nate prays, they show a box of clothes or something, it looks like a pair of underwear in it.... it also looks like nate has ORANGE hair
This one is on the CD but i think you can hear it on the video *Listen to nate when he sings, especially in "the Promise" and "here in my heart" It sounds like he says "thats the POMISE for you and I" an "Wherever you are tonight GIL". Helike, cant say his R's

at the very beginning, you can see nates family... First, Laine is the one who gives jason a kiss on the cheek, travis high-fives nate, and his mom and dad are standing there talking.... she is REALLY short.

When Jason is talking into the woman's cell phone, you can see an earring in his ear (how cute!)

When Nathan is talking about Jeremy on the bus, Jeremy is in the background with his arm in a sock or a sleeve.
Jeremy has an earring in his ear when they show his tattoo close up.

When Nate asks what camera to look at, Jeremy is fixing his sagging pants.

When we first find out about Jeremy's ankle, Nathan cant remember how long it's been hurt. Check it out!

When all the guys are in David's garden, all the guys except Jason have on Sun glasses and his arm is around a statue.

Of all the scenes where the guys play football, NATE isn't in any of them.

At the end of the GIITP video when each guy disappears,Nathan doesn't smile until right before he disappears.

When Jeremy is talking about losing his ID if you look in the background you will see Jason giving Nathan a piece of bubble gum.

When the guys are watching tv on the bus, they all have their mouths hanging open. and when the camera zooms in on Jason, he looks like he didn't understand what they were watching and when he notices that he's being video taped, he closes his mouth and shrugs. It's so cute!!!!! (Nate is soooo fine!)

. In the video for WOMH, there is a white glove or something on the thing that Nathan is carrying.

Jason screams in Jeremy's ear before they perform "Soul Tatto."
Before the Lakeland show, Nathan trips Gabe.
on womh,during nate's solo,when they spin,nathan is on nate's left then his right!

In certain parts they block out things like something that is on Jason's shirt and on the bus a can of something.

when the guys are singing america the beautiful in the studio and david foster is listening, nate has foil in his hair, like he is getting his highlights in his hair!! and

later when it is plus one cam, and gabe has the camera, when they show him making all those funny faces, when he makes one you can see jeremy's swollen foot on the bench next to him!

when they are showing the video for "god is in this place", when nate and jason start sining together."everybody stumbles oh yeah" is the line ya need to listen/watch for. jason sings that line first. in the music u hear an "oh yeah" by him, but jasons lips arent saying the "oh yeah"

Whenever Nate says "we look at that camera" right after he says it if you listen really closely Jason is singing. well it kind of just sounds like he's testing his voice. but it's cute! I love Jason!

take notice of the shirt jeremy is wearing when they sing WOMH in that mall type place thingy, that's the shirt jason wears when he doesnt have his clothes, when they sing "soul tatto"

jeremy writes left-handed!!

The Statue Jason has his arm around is topless... eew??

In alot of the scenes, Jeremy has sunglasses on. Inside and outside. Is there something wrong w/ his retinas????

On the part, where they are like walking down the hallway, and the cop opens the door for them, well, if u pause it, you will see the cops face, and then someone walks in front of him, right after that, from then on his face is blocked!! like he didn't want to be on camara or something, but they showed him earlier!!! it was kinda ironic, if u get my drift!

Ok...when all the guys are passing around the "Plus One Cam", & Nate says "Faces don't look THIS good THIS close" & if you listen close, you can hear Jason in the background & he goes. "WHAT?!!" It's so funny!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!