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PlusOne~Soul Tattoo
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Home Video Quotes

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"Tell Nathan to get over here, NOW!"
"See, i've got sweaty pits cuz i'm nervous, not good!"
"Oh my goodness, oh my word, yeah! yeah!"
"Boy does he need some makeup!"
"They frisked us!"
"Some people hadn't seen us in concert, they just recognized us from the cd"
"It was cool. I was disguised."
"we're not bad guys! we're in a christian boy band!!"


"Yeah boyz!"
"You know it's early when your car's on the radio"
"Rock and Roll, where do we go"
"Where are we?"
"Here we are, in York, Pennsylvania, so get ready for a great night, with me without my wardrobe!"
"We're good guys, we're pastor's kids!!"


"Our own names, not PlusOne, our indivual names! (your name Gabe?) oh yeah!"
"I'm just trying to verbilize man"
"Hey Gabe, hey Gabe, hey Gabe"
"Uh, good"


"Should i sing more, should i sing more?"
"The Nathan Cam!"
"I don't even know where we're goin tomorrow"
"Oh my hair, my hair's not done!"
"There was like 20,000 people!"


"It was just pressed on my heart to get up and call them back, so here i am!"
"You miss me?"
"Here we are, shooting the LFO video, minus the crutches"

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