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Nate Cole!!


Everything ya ever wanted to know about Nate...


full name: Nathan David Forest Cole
birthday: May 19, 1981
age: 20
birthplace: Houston, Texas
hometown: Sacramento, California
eyes: blue
height: 5'10"
weight: 150
parents: Rick and Cathy Cole
siblings: brother Travis (15) and sister Laine (17)
high school: Capital Christian Center High School - Sacramento, Calif.
home church: Capital Christian Center
hobbies: Basketball, shopping, movies, golf, anything musical, Playstation, talking on the phone, swimming, wakeboarding
musical credits: Discovered at Christian Artists Seminar, Estes Park, CO
dream duet: Christina Aguilera
what he wishes his name was: Chandler
most humiliating moment on stage: They were starting a concert, and they always start off with My Life, and run on stage when the song starts. Nate started running up the stairs and they were on rollers. His feet flew out from underneath his and he went flying.
musical influences: The Katinas, Brian McKnight, Jonathan Pierce, Grandpa - Ira Stamphill, Steven Curtis Chapman, Boyz ll Men
biggest insecurity: Im insecure about our group, not personal, but around guys my age, because I dont want them to think Im cheesy for being in a boy band. Im a little insecure about it, but at the same time Im not because I have pride in the group.
what's in the cd player: Out of Eden, 'N Sync, Creed, Matchbox 20
slob or neat freak? slob
bad habit: talking too much
first lunch box: Scooby Doo
dream car: Hummer
what he wanted to be when he grew up: when I was really little, I wanted to be a baseball player, then as he got older he wanted to be a minister
where hell be in 10 years: Still singing and writing music.
whats in his wallet: I dont really carry one
who he would still be star-struck around: N Sync
first song (and age written): "Passion of My Heart" (age 14)


color: blue
food: Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo
candy: Skittles
sport: basketball
team: Sacramento Kings
tv show: TRL on MTV
movie: Dumb & Dumber, Romeo and Juliet
book: Just Like Jesus, by Max Lucado
board game: Chutes and Ladders
music: everything- pop, R&B, gospel, alternative & rock, hip hop
artists: dc talk, Christina Aguilera, The Katinas, Steven Curtis Chapman, Destinys Child, Out of Eden, Boyz II Men
plus one song: God Is In This Place
magazines: I like music industry and mens fashion magazines
cookie: peanut butter
donut: maple bar
restaurant: Chili's
fast food: Taco Bell, McDonalds
cereal: Lucky Charms
soda: Pepsi
place: Paris or Hawaii
hang out: 3rd Street Promenade - Santa Monica
actor: Will Smith
actress: Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts
cartoon: Duck Tales and Chipmunks
animal: dogs, monkeys


this info is from visit it!!

i took off the pic of Nate's family...

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